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    I am in the process of purchasing a property. It is second hand and the previous owners had electricity. I have been quoted €100 to have the electrity reconnected. Is there really a charge for this in Spain and is €100 teh going rate?


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    Yes this is typical. Welcome to the world of Spanish service companies and their monopolies, and the way they rip off thei customers any which way because ultimately you, the consumer, has no choice in the matter. Normally the seller and buyer come to an agreement to switch the account from one person to the other without disconnecting, but this is not always possible.

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    Yeah it’s really weird how stuff like this works in Spain.

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    Is it an older building?? Be careful. There are quite a few places who have had their electricity cut off and then when the electrician comes in to check the wiring they say it needs to be completely re-wired before they’ll reconnect. ie, picking out the wires from the walls throughout the whole place, a couple of thousand euros worth of work. A new box is then around 300 euros I believe?

    Double check that the previous owners haven’t also left a bill which could be possibly put into your name. Don’t trust the leccy company one bit!

    Check it out first….

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    OK, thanks. I suppose the benefit of starting a completely new contract, as opposed to having the old one transferred, is that one avoids the risk of being lumped wih the old debts… so €100 is worth it.

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    Don’t know if it applies to all areas but you will need a new Boletín to set up a contract unless the previous one is under 4 years.

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