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      Having lived in various countries for the past 16 years I don’t have one system to compare Spain with (which might actually be an advantage). I have also lived in Spain and am now ready to return, having saved enough to buy outright. The problem is prices in the area I’m looking at (Valencia) have escalated dramatically, so my amount is now only 75% of the asking price of what I’m interested in!. Renting seems like the only option until I have seen what I like and know where I want to buy. Besides which I’d like to have been living in the country for a while before putting the money on the table.However, there seems to be no ‘standard’ for what you pay; correct me if I’m wrong? It seems to be a case of landlord decides how much to ask and tenant agrees or not??

      My other question regards banks 😈 . As yet I don’t have an address. Can I open a bank account without that? I’d like to transfer money so that when it comes to renting and/or buying I can get a bank guarantee if necessary. But some banks need a fixed address first and you can’t get that till you have a bank account…yep catch 22.
      Any tips are very welcome.


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