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      Hi, does anybody know the procedure for getting connected to the power supply.
      The property in question is a Casa de campo which I am interested in buying, the power lines run adjacent to the Plot, also how you would find out if a connection would be permitted or not.
      If you could not ascertain if permission would be granted in time, is it then possible to make the granting of permission a stipulation in the purchase contract, ( possibly a question for one of the Lawyers on the Forum ).
      I understand that the wiring in the house has to be inspected and a certificate ( Boletin de enganche ) issued, is this carried out by a private electrical contractor, or the power supply company.
      Hoping somebody can help many thanks.
      Chris Williams.

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      Many country houses are advertsied as “electricty/water nearby” but that doesn’t mean you can get it. I would make enquiries at the local electric office or get you Lawyer to do it. If it were to be written into the contract and you didn’t get the electric can you imagine the cost to you of going through the courts to win the case?

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      You just need to contact the relevant office of the relevant electricity supply company. If it’s Sevillana Endesa you can do it by phone (they even have English speakers if need be), and probably you will need to send a fax with details, map, grid ref etc if the property has no “address”. You will be given a reference number.
      Don’t hold your breath. It took them over 4 months to respond to my application, negatively, saying that a new transformer would be required. By that time I’d decided to go solar anyway! Good luck!
      p.s. the boletín is issued by a registered private electrical company.

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      Thanks for your replies Katy and hillybilly,
      hillybilly, when you say the response to your application was negative and they said a new Transformer would be required, did that mean that they would not install a new one, or was it negative because of the cost involved.
      I suppose the only way I could proceed, would be to make an offer on the property subject to an electrical connection being possible, then wait and see.
      I will have to make some enquiries about modern Solar Panel installations, and what they are capable of in running electrical appliances etc. I have only had experience with them re hot water production.
      Thanks once again for your replies, as always very imformative.
      Chris Williams.

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      Negative in that the house couldn’t be connected to the mains without the new tranformer etc which I would have to pay for. I didn’t even investigate the cost/time involved in that because I had, as I say, already gone the solar route by then.
      In theory you can design a pv solar installation to run pretty much whatever you want, depending on your budget and the space you have available for panels/batteries.
      In practice however, you have to look at ways of minimising your consumption ie no electric cooking, no electric fridge, no aircon, no electric kettle, no electric heating…
      It’s a lifestyle decision. If it’s not for you, don’t even consider it!

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