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      Looking for recommendations for which is the best company to use for transferring foreign currency please. Also which Spanish Banks is best to set up an account with – do any have accounts that can be also be managed from the UK (e.g. online banking, etc.)?

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      I have been using CurrencyFair.com for 5 years. Very happy with their fees and quick services. My Spanish bank is La Caixa, which also is promoted on this site. Very good customer service, but remember that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Just asking can get certain service fees dropped.

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      Mark Stücklin

      I use the same, CurrencyFair.com + CaixaBank / HolaBank. CurrencyFair you have to do all the trades yourself, if you want a broker to advise you and help with trades then I use torfx, who write a weekly GBPEUR update here like this one

      Pound treads water despite Brexit pressures

      Pound treads water despite Brexit pressures

      When it comes to banking, as MoltMaca says, you get the best terms if you are a bit pushy.

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      Thanks both. CurrencyFair looks to give better rates than the others I was looking at. I will check out CaixaBank. Do you know if you can you manage the account online/from the UK? I think my solicitor will be setting up the bank account, but who would I need to “push” about bank service fees?

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      Transferwise I have used them for 2 years now and can not be beaten

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      Chris Nation

      La Caixa again. Their online banking in English is excellent, far better than Santander. I was also paying Santa double the fees that La Caixa charge. So Santa was sent packing.

      The La Caixa app for mobiles (Android in my case) is 1st class. I never use the full site.

      Finally, if you are 60 or more, the La Caixa debit card will have the RENFE logo on it. Paying for rail tickets with this card, or showing it if paying cash for local journeys (, obligatory) will result in a 40% discount.

      As for FX, I have had excellent service and best rates with GCEN. You can do all your trades online or through your designated trader. Recommended

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