Free housing, a job, and a cash bonus if you move to Ayódar!

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    There was a report on the TVE1 news tonight about a village called Ayódar in Castellon province (Valencian Community) that is offering free housing, a job with the local authority, and a cash bonus (1,000 Euros I think) to encourage families with young children to move to the village. Reason being they need families with young children living in the municipality to keep the school open. Just goes to show how the Spanish countryside is still struggling with depopulation, especially of the young.


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    From experience depopulation of the villages is extremely common..people seem to prefer to move into towns even if the price of a flat is 10 times the price of a bigger village house.

    We are in a small village and have the only children, the population is 20 and we are a quarter of that and we probably have halved the average age of the population. Most of the houses in this and the 2 nearest villages are empty. The local school has 15 children of ages 3 to 8 mixed, with another village having only 5 in the school.

    However the general feeling is that eventually people will start moving back to the villages as house prices continue to rise here…

    The good thing about the villages is that people have time for each other, and are willing to help, give advice, chat etc..and our children have a lot of adopted grandparents..

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