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    Has anyone ever used or heard about Perello Properties Direct in El Perello, Costa Dorada?? Are they OK??

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    Hi there Niamh

    I cant be certain but I think I used them to buy a plot of land when I first ever bought in Spain (In El Perello) some 7 years ago now. I apologise for ebing so vague but it has been such a long time and they were the only ones in El Perello at the time. Basically there were 3 or 4 people – Paul and Carmen (who were man and wife – Carmen is Spanish) and I believe a lady called maxine and one other person.

    They were very helpful and I went out with Paul to view a few plots of land. He never put me under any pressure, answered all my questions honestly and even introduced me to the mayor of the town hall of El Perello – who is the cousin of his wife.

    I bought and sold through them and in all their delaings they came across as decent people. But as I say it was 7 years ago and that was my first experience of Spain so I was perhaps naive then- though I believe Paul is what could be classed as a loveable rogue

    Havent dealt with them since (being some 500kms away now) but El perello is a beautiful part of the Country as is L’Ametla Del Mar – a little fishing port close by. Just a bit cold in winter and it rained and was windy a lot which is what put me off

    Sorry cant help any more but that is my recollection (too many alcohol infused evenings Im afraid)



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    Thanks for that Vince, It’s Maxine I’m dealing with, she now owns the agency. she’s seems really nice and helpful but you know yourself you just want to be sure when you’re spending so much money!!! but your comment was very helpful to me and I appreciate you taking the time to reply đŸ˜€

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