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      👿 FACT – The spanish housing market is on its knees if not ankles!! BUT certain English Estate Agents live in a fantasy bubble. Why do they think the more they try and pretend they are really busy with thousands of people buying properties that you will be daft enough to believe them? My advice do not believe a word they say – they just want commission and all their promises will disappear as soon as you show them the money. Try word of mouth or if you have to use an Estate Agent try the Spanish guys – they know the market better and only have properties that are genuinely for sale on their books.

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      I don’t agree with you. The easiest sellers to deal with at the moment are the “brittish” sellers because of their pound still haven’t regained enough of what it once lost against the euro. So they can take a heavy hit in euros and still walk away. They are also more realistic in their valuations. Avoiding “brittish” agents will mean that you avoid many brittish sellers

      I will be honest and say I have never worked really close with english agents but many spanish, russian and scandinavian ones.

      Many spaniards are still in Lala-land when it comes to prices but they are in reality the ones that should cut their losses. Many of them are chased by their banks and still some of the banks are not willing to deal with their distressed sellers. It may have changed during the last couple of months but not according to my friends.

      If you want to generalize you should avoid the russian, german, norwegian and swedish sellers. I would also therefor avoid agents working towards those markets because they have many strong buyers and also many none distressed sellers. This is as a buyer.

      There are crappy agents from all countries working in Spain.

      If you want to generalize even more spanish and russian agents see nothing wrong with increasing their commision incase that they need to split it between agents. I would never have asked my sellers to do something like that. If another agent wants to show my stuff we split the commision and no BS with making the buyer also pay commision. Also very common that spanish agents get a price from their seller and then they add some ridiculous commisions. Like that makes it easier to sell the property…

      In todays market you need to price the property right or otherwise it will be impossible to sell. Trying to BS your buyers will only make you loose time and in the end loose money. If I would be looking to sell I would choose many agents and also try to sell it myself because agents have so many properties for sale that your property risk getting lost in the mix. Keep in contact with the agents and ask them if there is something that you could do for them… homestyle?… what was the comments of the viewers etc. Keep the property clean and use great photos “use a professional”. For me that worked towards the foreign buyers market the photos made the biggest difference. You could have property that in in reality was no different from others but when people came over from other countries they would always book those in advance and the chance of them selling was far greater. You should be able to find a pro under 200 euros.

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