El Algarrobico is OK, says politica

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    The ministrette for the Medio Ambiente at the Junta de Andalucia got interviewed by El País today. She was asked about the 22 storey hotel El Algarrobico stopped while almost completed by Cristina Narbona several years ago, since the offending hotel was built on the shoreline and in a parque natural.
    Not all that far away, by chance, from what used to be the home of the Priors.
    Anyhow, despite various tooing and froing, the hotel appears to remain, not quite ready to complete, not quite ready to tear down. An eyesore.
    So, Cinta Castillo says… ‘look, it’s not doing any damage to the local flora and fauna’.
    Well, no, as long as it stays shut and rotting away, I suppose you could argue that.

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    Lenox, I don’t understand; you campaign for the legalisation of the thousands of illegal homes in the area (almeria, Valencia, Murcia) bought by your countrymen yet you seem to be expressing concern that this monstrosity might be allowed to remain ….

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    well, the use of the word ‘illegal’ isn’t really very clear in Spain.
    Many of the houses here are termed ‘ilegal‘ by the Junta de Andalucía, ‘legal‘ by the local authorities and now ‘alegal‘ (sort of: “illegalish”) by some from those two groups who are seeking a compromise.
    I am not equipped to argue that Spain should or shouldn’t have houses all over the place, but almost none of these ‘viviendas ilegales’ are in strikingly interesting places. They are typically in small moribund interior towns which readily need the imput of inhabitants, jobs and, of course, money. Most are many kms away from the playas.
    The Prior’s house is/was, exceptionaly, only about 5kms from the beach, in a quiet area with some few other homes, behind Vera.
    Each of these thousands of homes has an owner, a family, some dreams. They were bought by people who (I think, bravely) wished to leave Britain (or wherever they are from) to find a decent place for their later years.
    The Hotel Algarrobico, 22 stories high, built in a natural park and on the seashore, tearing down a great swath of mountain in a scenic viewpoint, is, in my view, a very different situation.
    But, it’s not that it is deemed illegal by the national government and propped up by local and regional PSOE barons, excoriated by Greenpeace and so on, it’s that, because everyone is frightened of the compensation necessary, no one dares take responsability to knock it down. So it stays there… rotting.
    Compensation? Afraid so. Not like the Priors!
    Both if these stories – behemoth of a hotel and ‘thousands of illegal homes’ are making Spain look very foolish abroad.

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    Are the Priors still living in their ‘legal’ garage ?

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    Yes. Their garage was on a different town hall building permit so it wasn’t on the demolition order. They also saved the garden shed – now doing duty as the shower/thunder box facility.

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    Lenox, I can never understand why so many thousands of affected buyers don’t join up and form a platform to assault the authorities????

    this nonsense of contacting your local MP is the biggest laugh of all time; not to mention contacting the house of lords!!!!!!! if there are tens of thousand why not all contribute to a fighting fund and employ the best PR co (what’s that oiks name who represents the celebs) to bring this to the front pages of all the papers in the world……. why not protest in the nude (500 at a time) in the plaza mayor in Madrid for six months night and day??????????? so many things they could do; but no, they do nothing but bleat on web sites !!!!! they have the Spanish press against them (El pais for one) and the goverment!!! not to mention the “eco” groups who you guys have cozied up to without realising that they will not rest until all illegal builds are deemed illegal and demolished!!!!!

    take the war to the enemy or else face failure!!!!!!!!!!!! of course there are illegal properties and illegal properties!!!!!!!

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    Ubeda – you are absolutely right.
    The affected property-owners (and their friends, supporters and sympathisers) need to make a proper splash to highlight this situation which, inter alia, is losing Spain billions of euros needlessly.
    I’ve suggested elsewhere a European Property Owners Day (as, rather obviously, a facetious idea) to grab the attention of the Spanish press. It’s obvious that the British and international press will highlight the two year anniversary (I saw the Priors today, who admitted as much), but the only point of the British campaign – as far as we residents are concerned – is to exert pressure on Spain to treat us here equally under the law.
    So – what can we do to attract attention? A hunger strike…? A one-day shopping boycott? Another demonstration (there’s one coming up in Catral, there was one recently in Chipiona, and I’ve been to at least three in the past eighteen months).
    Answers on a postcard!

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    Start with the Spanish Consulate & the Ambassador in the UK. I know where the Ambassador lives and I am happy to forward the address if some one needs it.

    Among the thousands affected. I am sure that they have contacts in the media, travel and all things related to Spain.

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    Browns got enough problems without angering his mate ZP, who turns up at his political parties to show support for “fellow european socialists”!

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    Mark Stücklin

    I thought I would dig out this old thread with the happy news that the Spanish Supreme Court has thrown out a lawsuit against the Andalusian Superior Court brought by environmental groups Salvemos Mojácar and Greenpeace of the Levante Almeriense against a ruling that the monstrous Hotel El Algarrobico in Carboneras was built on land classified as urbaniseable. That’s one step closer to ruling the hotel legally built.

    In the meantime it continues to rot, a blight on the landscape for the last decade or more. Meantime, the Priors had to watch their home being demolished, despite it being built with planning permission from the town hall. Double-standards or what  😯

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