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    I am new to the Forum and wish to highlight the above company who should be re-named NIGHTMARE OVERSEAS PROPERTIES. Some years ago myself and my brother in law purchased a property off plan in Spain through them. It is run by ERIC BOYD and he and his (then) business partner were personally known to my brother in law and his wife. At the time of purchase my sister in law who lived nearby was terminally ill. Due to this situation my wife and another sister were caring for her 24/7. Eric Boyd was fully aware of this situation. We put our full trust in him, and completed all the papers etc. then with the intention of doing an Inspection Visit at a later date because we trusted him. BIG BIG MISTAKE. He gave us his word that he would assist us all the way through the process, and help us to sell the property on BEFORE completion. He failed on all counts. Once we had signed and he was assured of his commissioin, he simply ignored us. He did not even know of the requirement for us to obtain NIE’s. I found out and told him, then he had to tell all his other clients. He made us various solemn promises and he failed miserably to keep any of them. He refuses to respond to e-mails etc. which I have sent him.
    Imagine my surprise when I discovered that he is a “Golden Partner” for POLARIS WORLD. This status is defined by PW in the following terms: ” The Golden Partner Award recognises those companies who have achieved excellence and professionalism in their sales experience with Polaris World and whose customer service is of the highest standards”. This does not sound remotely like BOYD or his company based on my experience of him. When I saw this on his website I e-mailed Polaris World with my experience of this company, questioning how on earth they could award him such status. My e-mails went to various places then I was eventually given the e-mail address of one of their Customer Relations Managers. I e-mailed her with my full experience of this company. I have so far received absolutely no response. I am aware that I did NOT purchase a PW property through DREAM OVERSEAS PROPERTIES, but I would at least have expected the common courtesy of a reply. I have noticed another contributer on the site who has experienced problems with Polaris World.
    The purpose of this message is to warn anyone out there whether in N. Ireland, The Republic of Ireland or indeed the UK Mainland, BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY. THEY WILL PROMISE YOU ANYTHING TO GET YOUR BUSINESS, BUT THEY WILL ABANDON YOU ONCE THEY HAVE YOUR MONEY (OR COMMISSION) As far as I and at least 6 other people I have communicated with are concerned we would NEVER do business with them again. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
    If anyone else out there has had a bad experience with this company, PLEASE, PLEASE post your comments for all to see on this Message Board.

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    ric25 – If you haven’t already done so, contact Trading Standards in Ireland. You won’t be the first to have done so, in a similar matter. The U.K. Police are also now taking an active interest in the mis-selling of properties abroad.

    Have a look at this newspaper article too. You could write to the author & the Editor of this newspaper with your story – make as much noise as possible ❗


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    Hi Suzanne. Thanks for your reply. This all started over 3 yrs ago. E-mails to DOP fall on deaf ears. I did contact another local newspaper in Co. Fermanagh, “The Impartial Reporter” by phone. They failed to come back to me. I even sent details to BBC’s Watchdog. Usual story. I intend to make it my business to visit one of their many exhibitions and ask a lot of very relevant and embarrassing questions of ERIC BOYD, but I will do so at a time of my chosing. Until then I want as many people as possible to know how he conducts business and also to be aware that he is supposedly one of Polaris Worlds “Golden Partners”. This beggars belief! Their Customer Service is about as good as DREAM OVERSEAS PROPERTY’S. As for Trading Standards, I tried contacting them in England re the company we rented our property with (ALEXANDER HOMES, in BEDFORD) Total and utter waste of time. Nothing is made simple for honest folk, while the rogues of this world seem to be protected. Nothing changes. However, I am persistent, if nothing else.

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