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    Hi One-and-All,

    I want to register an internet ‘.es’ domain, and certainly 4 years ago it seemed to be quite bureaucratic, but I am currently getting the feeling that it is much more straight forward, and less expensive now.

    Anyone got any pitfalls I should look out for ?

    What costs & who’s good for registration ?

    How long does an ‘.es’ registration last for – is it only a year, or is it longer ?

    Any problems hosting an ‘.es’ domain with a UK based hosting service ?

    Many thanks in advance,

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    There are plenty of online providers where you can buy these withno fuss. I use the domain cosys around 12 dollars per year, ckeaper if you buy for longer and you can do it on automatic renemal. You can host wherever you want as yo get all the access and user codes. You can buy it with 5 pages to make your own website or just use the name

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    Hi Inez,

    Looked at and similar to UK based registration companies, they don’t seem to offer a ‘.es’ domain. I’m thinking that a ‘.es’ domain will have to come from a Spanish source.

    I’ve just finished hunting around the internet and having looked at, which is the govermental area that looks after domain names (?), it seems that things have just changed this month, their site says ….

    “.ES: Los nombres de dominio .ES de segundo nivel han sido siempre de carácter restringido, los solicitantes de un dominio .ES de segundo nivel deben cumplir los requisitos establecidos para obtener su asignación. No obstante, con el Nuevo Plan de Nombres de Dominio, a partir del próximo 8 de noviembre va a liberalizarse completamente la asignación de nombres de dominio de Internet bajo .ES. En pocas semanas las empresas, entidades públicas o personas físicas podrán registrar cualquier dominio .es que esté disponible. “

    So it looks like an individual can now apply for an ‘.es’ domain, as of this month.

    Just for information, if anyone reads this thread in the future, a list of domain registration companies that offer the ‘.es’ name, can be found at

    Many thanks Inez,

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    Wow, thats a bit naughty really seeing as a spaniard can easily buy a uk one. I did have an ie domain and that was a bit of a pain at the time as not an Irish national!

    Good luck with it

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    I recently bought an .es from I seem to remember it being more like 40 euros for 2 years; a lot dearer than or .com, from memory, about 12 euro.
    The GoDaddy site is a pain to use, easy to miss the .es option and almost worse than Ryanair at trying to make you incur extra charges.
    Good luck!

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    Seems to me that when the dot es first came out, the Govt decided (as usual) to make a dog’s dinner of the whole thing, with obligations, protections and the usual beaurocratic muckup. So of course everyone used dot com.

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    I buy mine from, seems pretty cheap (I can’t remember what I pay)

    No real problems, except all the admin is in Spanish which might be a problem for some.

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    Yes 1and1 seems the cheapest option to purchase a .es domain. I choose this for myself as well.

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