does it worth for a spaniard to move to england?

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    Hi all british people.

    I am a spanish currently living in Spain and I think this is a perfect place to make this question.

    Lately I have been receiving job offers in UK like software developer. I have visited Glasgow and Cambridge where I had job interviews.

    Actually I live in Murcia where I have a decent salary but something makes me to think to move in order to improve my english, have a experience and just to live in UK for some years.

    But as you all must know a lot of british are “escaping” from UK to the sunny Spain where you can have a relaxed life despite some corruption…

    Do you british people think that is mad to leave Spain to work in the UK? The salaries that I have been offered there are around 2000 pounds/months after taxes.

    All comments (negative and positive) are welcomed!

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    Hey, your English is already pretty good!
    Of course it’s not mad to consider moving to the UK for work, no more mad than some of us who made the move from the UK to Spain. It’s not necessarily for ever, after all. Just make sure that you carefully factor in the high cost of living in cities like Glasgow and especially Cambridge. And take plenty of warm and waterproof clothes!
    Good luck whatever you decide!

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    I think it is a brilliant idea for you to experience the life style in England. Many opportunities in your profession in the computer industry and also very highly paid.

    I was hoping to move to Murcia in 2003 but I am afraid was defrauded of my villa. Now paying the price of going through the court system to recover the monies. The court system in Spain is not very effective.

    I am afraid to say this but English people in Spain are treated very badly and there is one law for the English and one law for the Spanish.

    I wish your experience in England a pleasant one.

    All the best,


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    Sad to know about your problems but I am sure you will end up pretty well. I dont think that there is a law for spaniards and other for british here. Is just our inefficient justice system.

    My mother rented a flat some years ago and the tenant suddenly stopped paying the rent. We were about 4 years waiting for the trial and after that the only thing we got was that the tenant left the flat without paying the 4 years of rent and a ruined flat.

    Spain is a good country to live but here are yet a lot of things to improve to think ourselves like a top european country.

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    I have many Spanish friends who i met in Spain or in London and understand the social/economic fabric of Spain.

    If you are young and dont have commitment, than you should always travel and experience living in other countries.

    Professionally, your CV would be enhanched and in a Country like Spain where the labour market is evolving very rapidly an experience working in UK will be extremely useful.

    Yes, the cost of living may be hirer depends which part of Spain you are comparing it with ? In so far as weather. I have spent much colder days in Madrid than ever in UK. The people who are moving to Spain are in a different cycle of life/investment/life style.

    If. I was you I would take the opprtunity I did it 30 years ago when I came to UK as a student, went back missed London and all it offers and came back to it. No regrets, yes life is getting difficult with over zelous/dreconian Councils, traffic wardens, crimes etc, but hey there is no Utopia and if you know one pm, me

    good luck

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    I am afraid to say this but English people in Spain are treated very badly and there is one law for the English and one law for the Spanish.

    Yes, there may be one law for all. In practise the non Spaniards are not affected by it as my as non Spaniards, may be because they know the ropes and are more savay of there countries workings.

    Let me how ever say, that like every where in the world a foreignor is always exploited where he or she comes from. Starting point Taxi drivers at the airport.

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