Does anyone remember Audrey Dixon and Oasis properties

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    Audrey Dixon and Oasis properties were all over the forums some years back when she was accused of defrauding hundreds of British. I have searched on here but not come up with anything 😕

    Here is an example in the leader

    Estate agent Audrey Dixon has appeared in court to testify against claims that she went on the run after closing down her offices leaving estimated debts of more than 2.5million euros to house buyers. The…

    According to some she is now using the name Liz Cozier and involved with a company CPC worldwide

    How did the case go against Harlequin Liz ?? No news posted yet, so I take it you were blown out of the water. I did warn you to stay away. People need to be made aware who is really behind your company. The biggest fraudster in Spain who conned millions from expats for properties they never got. None other than Audrey Dixon, now known as Elizabeth Crozier or Elizabeth Dixon as I am aware. If you wish to deal with CPC Worldwide, check out Audrey Dixon on google first and you will find a lot out from other victims she worked her magic on. BEWARE !!! You will be her next victim !!!
    CPC Google Plus

    Just for info’ :mrgreen:

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    I certainly do remember this name from the past, thought she had gone away, she’s a chameleon and should appear on ‘Rogue Traders’, her partner is Nikki Crozier and there’s lots about them scamming in Barbados etc. A lot of the rogue agents moved further afield when things got difficult in Spain 😡

    I don’t know the legal implications for a site like this naming and shaming as a separate topic but it would be good 🙄

    We used to get loads of thank you comments and phone calls in the old days when we helped buyers beware of such scammers, saved quite a few people a lot of money too, even took MacAnthony on and his lawyers with no comeback as they knew we were telling the truth. That was in the early days of SPI, it seemed less commercial then, I think it was more a 1st point of call site for those wanting good advice, had a bigger following I think then 🙄

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    This information should be useful, just read it on Costa Blanca facebook (OASIS AUDREY FACES EXTRADITION TO SPAIN
    British estate agent bailed by Westminster magistrates’ court
    By Dave Jones ) page

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