Credit where credit is due

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    I just found this recent post, which was rather obscurely placed on a thread I never check.

    As Katy says, credit where credit is due, and it’s also very important to give credit where it is due. Good agents deserve good reputations and more business. If everyone was fortunate enough to find a good agent, half the problems we hear about would never materialise. It’s always about people. A good agent can save you a lot of anguish, so careful who you deal with.


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    And for many of us, our new & trusted lawyers. They stand out head & shoulders above so many others, & we really couldn’t manage now without them.

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    @sdodgson wrote:

    A decent estate agent (if you decide to use one of us scum of the earth, conniving, lying, thieving sharks) then a good one should also give you independent advice when a sale is achieved…

    Sarah Dodgson

    No need for this Sarah, we already know you are one of the “good little guys” along the likes of reliable agents such as Inez, Jiminspain and Vince. 😉

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