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      Does Spain have a written “right to roam” law?  I walk and cycle a lot in rural Valencia region and had assumed that the countryside is pretty much open apart from people’s houses, gardens & cultivated land. Last week I came across a mountain road (between Barranca Encantada & Lorcha for those that know the area) that was gated off with significant 2 metre high steel gates at both ends.  This cut off approx 8 km of road with a stunning view over the barranco & the reservoir at Beniarres.  On the road there is a warehouse/windowless house which is set back from the road and has the usual two small posts with a chain across the path to the house.  No cultivated land to speak of, no obvious reason to try to gate the road off.  The Lorcha side boasts three separate high gates and walls with broken glass on top.  Someone (local hunters or ramblers I assume) have made a little path around one of the gates and kicked the glass off the wall at the crossing point.

      It looks like someone has built a big fancy compound, built a wall around it and decided that the innocuous mountain road next to his compound is a security risk.

      You wouldn’t get away with that in Scotland or Scandinavia – what’s the law in Eastern Spain?

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      Your question needs an indepth study. You can contact a lawyer, if you have budget to sort this out.

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