Council of Lorca (Murcia) near bankrupcy

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      Article published in EL PAIS newspaper:

      The former major of Lorca (Miguel Navarro) aprobed the construction of new 140.000 homes (the majority villas for brits of course) in a city of 80.000 habitans. The council received 23 millions of euros as an anticipation for the deal despite some irregular facts like that the properties would be in protected areas of Lorca.

      Now that the market is dead the actual council is preparing the great new that the council will have to return the money to the developers. The excuse will be that the former major delayed to much the papers and licenses but the true reality is that all the new big resorts are stopped across the country due to the well-know finance throubles.

      If the council has to return this money actually wasted it will be in a serious problem and will need the help of Valcarcel.

      One example of the actual crisis in the property market at Lorca is the Lorca Resoft Golf&Spa Resort that was being built between Lorca and Aguilas but just now is simply a great piece of land very deteriorated by the construction machines.

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