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      In Nov 2003 we bought an off plan property in La Tercia, Murcia, the developer Sol Milenio agreed to deliver it Dec 2004, we paid 50% of the purchase price. We did everything by the book, we used a reputable agent, a solicitor all to no avail. The house is still not ready, the developer is a nightmare, arrogant, rude, clearly believing themselves to be above the law. We have requested our money back and they are refusing, our only course of action is to persue them through the courts, which is both time consuming and expensive.

      Does anyone out there have any experience of this developer or a similar situation, can you offer any help or advice!!

      Our lives are on hold and we are being held to ransom by a ruthless and unscrupulous developer.

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      I’m sorry to read about your situation. I know how distressing it is.

      I’ve never heard of the developer you mention, but there are plenty of people in this forum who have been / are in a similar situation.

      Do you have a bank guarantee?


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