Chiclana (Cadiz) begins legalisation of 15,000 properties

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    Chiclana, Cadiz, Andalucia

    The process to legalise 15,000 illegally built properties in Chiclana starts today. From lunchtime today, owners of illegal properties can request information on the procedure for legalising properties, though applications for legal permits cannot be made until the summer.

    Not all the illegally built properties in Chiclana will be included in this amnesty, and only those built in areas that are going to reclassified as urban will be legalised. It is unclear what will happen to the properties left out of the amnesty. The municipal council has promised ‘legal solutions’ rather than demolitions, but those are just words for now.

    Nor will it be plain sailing for owners whose properties can be legalised. A big worry is how much the legalisation process will cost. Owners will have to meet the costs of urbanising the land in the districts that are included in a new urban plan, for example laying new roads, sewage pipes, and electricity connections. “We are talking about urbanising 18 million square metres,” says urban planning official José Pedro Butrón. “It’s like building a new city.” One source estimates the overall cost at 450 million Euros.

    The legalisation process is long and complex, and is expected to take up to 8 years. That could be a big problem for foreign owners, many of whom might want to sell up before then.


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    Wow, quite a can of worms you have unearthed here Mark.

    It looked like good news at first but as you say it will go on for years and people will not be able to sell, and if it is ever sorted they will have to fill in a blank cheque to cover the costs.. In addition there is the threat of demolition.

    “The sword of Damocles” comes to mind.

    Do you have any idea if many Brits are involved as it is an area I do not know.?

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    Yes it will involve lots of Brits, from a figure of 15k I expect many thousands.

    We don’t touch the area due the the vast amount of illegal properties.

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