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      This is a case against a woman in Cantabria, north of Spain.

      Once you have read it. You should be asking the following questions.

      1) How in such a short space of time this woman had taken/or has been taken to Courts on such number of occassions.

      2) She manage to get legal aid. I have never heard or met anyonebody in Spain who has been aware of the existance of Legal aid or has shown any inclination to utilise it. ( I suppose it exist for criminal cases)

      3) Why, are the Brits not applying for the legal Aid in Spain ? Let the inefficient and incompetant legal system pay for it at the expense of the Spanish Tax payers and the VAT that the buyers are paying, Spanish or not.

      On the (2) above as I have said on the forum in the past that the Spaniards dont have confidence in their legal system, they dont go down this road, so will never know of legal aid.

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