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    This seems a really simple question.

    even thought i bought my apartment through a lawyer the previous owner still gets charged the money for the bin collection.

    I believe i need to change this at the town hall but can anyone give me some guidance on what documentation etc I will need. I am not a resident.



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    We had a same thing, rubbish, ibi and water (state controlled in our area) were all in the previous owners name 6 months after we were in there, thinking as you do nothing ever goes right in Spain I contacted my lawyer and the town hall and found all was under control.

    We were told in Spain the bills will be sent out for that year in the name of the previous owner, so in a nutshell whoever is on the deeds as of the 1st January the bills for that year will be in there name, the next year they will be in your name and that’s exactly how its been.

    Don’t know how long you have been in your place but this may help

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    You are supposed to go along to the Town Hall with NIE number, escritura, passport and whatever other documents you have. If you happen to be attended to by a funcionario who is reasonable and does not hate foreigners it will take all of 2 minutes. Otherwise they will ask you for the only bit of paper you don’t have 😕

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