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    My existing car Insurance in Spain Expires in June 08. I have not made any claims but have received a poor service and in addition my premium has gone up every year.

    I have a new quote from Zurich for a like to like cover for a premium of €125 less than my existing Insurer.

    Can, anybody tell me if the change over is straight forward exercise or it is fraught with incompetency, buereaucracy etc. Any thing I should be aware or elert.

    Many Thanks in advance.

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    I changed vehicle insurers last year with no problems. I received a renewal notice by email from my old insurers, shopped around, found a better quote and just told the old insurers that I didn’t want to renew.
    Paid for the new insurance online, printed off the payment receipt to keep in the vehicle until the new docs arrived by mail.

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    Just remember to stop the d/d’s at your bank. Spanish insurance companies are not use to their clients shopping around and moving on. Even though I told my broker, phoned the customer service dept. for 4 months afterwards they still sent letters and phoned me saying we will cancel your insurance if you do not pay…! I just kept saying what part of NO I’m not renewing do you not understand.


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