Chalet or casa?

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    I was wondering if anyone know what the difference is between a chalet and a casa in Spain. I should know this being half spanish but everyone I ask has a different answer. It is just that on one of the websites I am advertising my house it says that chalets have been selling at a higher price than casas. This is cataluña by the way, maybe something to do with catalans.
    I know that a “pareado” is one house split into 2
    An “adosado” is a mid terrace (I think)
    An “unifamiliar” is, (I don’t know to be honest)
    any input would be great, thanks

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    a chalet is a detached house on its own plot – a casa can be many things but normally refers to ones home(ie flat, abode, maisonette, place where one sleeps, bedsit) and doesn’t reflect size, type etc ….

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    Thankyou. That explains why it is saying that chalets are selling for more than casas. I always thought chalets were of more basic construction than casas. Thankyou for your help.

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