Certificates of Antiquity

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    Can anyone tell me if these are still obtainable (re previous thread re mortgages – sorry Mark for going off the thread a bit!).

    Jasmine seemed to think that it was still possible, but I had read on another ex-pat forum that this had been stopped.

    Ironically my semi-legal house is now 4 years old!

    Any up to date legal info re this would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks, Fran đŸ˜•

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    I understand you can still register your house using an architects certificate to say that your house is 4 years old. The document issued by the architect has to be stamped “Visado” by the college. The town hall might be approached to see if in fact the house is 4 years old, as some people obtain these documents fraudulently, and I know a few who have!

    We are hoping to use this process in a few months time.

    I like your expression “semi legal”. I suppose our house is as well. The town hall took our money but didn’t come up with the building licence.

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    I read that houses cannot be legalised in this way, the policy was over-ruled by the Junta de Andalucia, if I find a link I will put it on.

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    I have heard (but cannot clarify) that some people have been able to secure a certificate of antiquity proving đŸ˜‰ the property has been there for in excess of 4 years whilst this may have saved their property from the bulldozers if it does not comply with all the local building requirements it still cannot become “legal” and conections to utilities not permitted.

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    Thank you for your replies.

    I get the impression that this certificate would only get the property registered, which it already is. We have a registered escritura but unfortunately we dont have underlying local permissions, licenses etc because our developer (our Spanish neighbour) went ahead and built without them. The land is deemed rural estate in the current PGOU but this is under review for the whole area at the moment (Albox).

    Strangely, we pay local IBI and we have a water contract but we dont have an electricity contract (or any at all since the developer cut us off!) and cant make progress with this until the license/permissions/land situations are resolved.

    It is all very frustrating as we didn’t find any of this out until a year after we had signed at the notary, paid the balance and moved in.

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    This was discussed once before. The link is https://www.spanishpropertyinsight.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1844&highlight=certificates+antiquity

    Drakan at first said it was not possible to legalise a house this way, but later on after speaking to colleagues he ageed that it could be done.

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    I have read on another forum that Katy is correct. The law has been changed with regard to certificates of antiquity and a habitation licence is required.

    If anyone has any further information on this I would be very interested.

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