Casting for A Place in the Sun Series 6

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    We are looking specifically for house hunters looking to buy in the Zaragoza region.

    Channel 4’s hit show A Place in the Sun is looking for house hunters to take part in a new series being filmed this summer.

    Do you need help to find your dream holiday home? If so let us do the hard work.

    This year we are particularly interested in house hunters looking in Europe, with a budget of up to £100,000.

    If you are in a position to buy this summer and would like our help please contact Sean Loughlin on either or telephone on +44 (0) 161 235 6548.

    Please note that i have emailed a moderator for permission to post this information.

    Many thanks.

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    Sean – strangely enough, there was a little discussion about your programme only this morning.

    Maybe you would care to comment? We love a good discussion on this forum.

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    Forgot to add that a must-read article for you was in the Daily Telegraph, all about your programme and how ‘accurate’ it is:

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    how about a sub feature in the new series called ‘A SHARK IN THE SUN’?
    You could help many people by naming and shaming, and could collect lots of evidence from people on this site. Perphaps even a segment where an angry customer could invite a shark on to the show, to answer critisism?

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    Brilliant, Goodstich – would make at least a 20 part series. Now that would be giving the British public a good service……. my name would be down for a start.

    A budget of £100,000? – what’s the betting the focus will be on Bulgaria, Romania……ZZZZzzzzzz.

    Sean, don’t forget to mention that purchasers in Bulgaria can not own the land their house is sitting on (unless you’re Bulgarian of course).

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    Goodstitch, I think that should be Sharks in the Sun! 😆

    There are soooo many,where would they start?? 🙄 I would love to tell them about our first lawyer. He runs “Shark School” 😈

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    ah…….yes, that could be a problem, they would need a whole series just to scratch the surface!, perphaps they could speed things up with live phone-ins on customer satisfaction for each stage of buying, or would even that be to open to sharky corruption? On the positive side, it would be good for the good guys to also get a mention from satisfied customers so it doesn’t come over to grim. Would need much research though, to sort out the truth from the lies!

    Oh well, we can dream!

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    I would like to see a series whereby they return to all the people who did buy. Know they did one once but only for a few of the people.

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    How about renaming this programme ‘A Scam in the Sun’ ?

    I think a lot of these type of programmes totally mislead viewers into buying abroad without pointing out the many pitfalls, Amanda Lamb is not really knowledgeable, just a face to present the programme.

    Funny how last year she was involved with the follow up programme
    ‘House trapped in the Sun’ having lured people originally.

    And, Beware the Sky Channels 279 and 287 made by the likes of MRI, they are such a con, the panel of interested buyers are clearly Staff and that awful piano screech, AGH!

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    What about Place in the Sun revisted.
    Some may recall the programme around 4 years ago + when a couple were looking for an apartment and amongst other developments they recommended was La Reserva de Marbella ( yes La Reserva de Marbella)
    The couple chose this and I think they have an apartment next door to mine.
    Lets get them back as its still not finished,has no building , architect certificate ,no L.F.O,missing 12 swimming pools and silly me I forgot,they have garden apartment which is sooo high in the sky you have a nose blead if you went out for a barbeque in their garden.
    Silly me again I forgot ?they dont have a 26m2 garden either so thats the barbeque f—ed thats for sure.
    Shall we call the episode
    Place in the Sun Revisted Episode LOS GARDENS) to show what a total f—k up they have recommended and the main reason I got involved.

    Gosh, That Feels Better
    Over to the jokes 😀

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    Jim..I’m perplexed by your post on EOS. It’s unpleasant…again! I really thought you had got past all that! 🙁

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    Hi Claire
    It just appears things were going on behind my back which I felt was unfair and hurtful as I have done everything I can to show the real me.

    Jim 🙁

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    Channel 4’s original remit was to provide edifying programming and to cater to minority interests. How these objectives are met by producing lopsided, blinkered, infomercials on increasingly far flung and patently flawed property markets is beyond me. Maybe Channel 4 should revisit Bulgaria, Florida and the Costas before they start peddling other locations, they might learn something worth broadcasting.

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    Well said Ponzi!

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    Jim, I’ve just read all of the posts again, written a month ago and nothing was said behind your back. It was all said on an open forum, there for you to read. I don’t think you have done yourself any favours by writing that post. Sometimes it’s best to leave things as is, especially if time has passed, as in this case. JMO

    I step forward ..10 back.

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    In fairness to Channel 4, they are there to make a TV programme and thus sell air time. They source properties within the specified Country/price range.

    Giving them the benefit that they would have done some ground work and as a result would have access to same information as I and you would have and probebly from the same source.

    As a buyer “Cavet emptor” still applies, after all its our money and they channel 4 are only acting as a sourcing agent who are not paid any form of consideration for it.

    If, people are knieve enough and dont carry out their own due deligence and forget that channel 4 is only a producer of the programme and nothing more or less.

    The old are not expected to do w

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    Yeep – we all talk behind your back Jim because you keep leaving the toilet seat up! 😯

    Get back into your box you naughty naughty boy.

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