Can these builders ever get it right?!

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    “Construction irregularities” when they put them up……”construction irregularites” when they knock them down! 😯

    House knocked down with family inside
    Mar 28, 2007 – 8:06:21 AM

    It happened in the early hours of yesterday in Ceuta

    The driver of a mechanical digger in Ceuta has knocked down the wrong house, and when it happened yesterday a married couple and three children were still sleeping inside.

    Fortunately there were no injuries in the accident which was caused by a retaining wall collapsing. The family is now being housed provisionally in a hotel.

    Police commented that the builder in question had been fined on several occasions for construction irregularities.

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    So it’s not just when they build them, then…………

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    More money than sense then 🙄

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    I just thank goodness no-one was killed.

    Wonder how long it will take for them to get compensation!
    What’s the betting they won’t get any unless they take the builder to court….
    (hope they run up a nice fat bill on room-service 😉 )

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    they will probably get a fine in court, for wasting the builders time!

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    goodstich- why does that almost seem not a joke after all the horror stories we hear???? 😆

    As Melosine rightly said, more money than sense – let’s hope they get hit hard where it hurts most for these people….in the jolly ol’ pocket.
    I’m wondering whether the demolition was an order re. one of their ‘construction irregularities’.

    Don’t you love the ‘new speak’ for illegal builds?

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