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      We are off on our trip on Thursday. I feel as though we have been “duped” already as we were told the agent could find “anything we wanted”. The last contact with the agent showed that they had nothing in our price range, in fact the nearest was 15, 000 Euros above our budget, should make it an interesting trip!!!

      I have been looking at many 2 bed apartments that are well within our price range (both new and resale, most furnished too!!), and to be fair, we will try to get some taxis to some of them while out next week, but am not hopeful due to contacting sellers and not knowing yet where we will be staying. We are also looking to go out again in the Autumn half term.

      My main question is this. With a new build, you have to make sure the relevant licenses, bank guarantees and the like are in place and also the habitation certificate when completing. What are the main things to be looking out for on a resale? Although some properties have been built for 5 years or so, what do we look for to make sure we don’t buy something that is still in dispute (I realise our independent solicitor should help guide us)?

      Thanks for your input.


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