Buying a finca in Aragon – a habitation centificate needed?

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    Dear all,
    We are looking to buy a re-sale finca in Aragon – it has a restored house and 10 hectares of land. The agent says that there is no need for a habitation certificate in Aragon province. I thought all re-sale properties in Spain need a habitation certificate (although it may be called something else depending on the province) in order to sell it, or to connect to the utilities. Can anybody clarify this matter for me?
    Many thanks, satu430

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    Sounds fishy to me.

    Get good, independent legal advice. Not a solicitor that the estate agent recommends.

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    If the house was originally built donkeys years ago it won’t have one , mine hasn’t . You can get something from the council but I can’t remember what it’s called.

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    I have never had a habitacion certificate for any house we have owned in Spain (6). It is a fairly new regulation 10 to 15 years and is mainly for new(ish) properties.

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