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      Business over Tapas

      Business over Tapas – Useful News for Homeowners and Investors

      Business over Tapas is a subscription news service which has been around for a while now, originally as Per Svensson’s ‘Weekly Report’ and from 2013, with its current name.

      The BoT seeks to supply useful information for those who have little time to trawl through a hundred or more sites about Spain every week. There’s only hard news here: no frills, and certainly, no shills. The reports come synthesised from a large number of news-sites, both Spanish and foreign, as well as from blogs, press releases and personal experience (the editor, Lenox Napier, is a journalist who moved to Spain as a child, many decades ago). Lenox is helped by economist Andrew Brociner, who divides his time between Spain and Italy, and retired journalist José Antonio Sierra, who spent many years living in the Republic of Ireland.

      The idea of the name is the point that, in Spain, so much business, gossip, deals and trade-secrets are shared outside the office and over a beer. Not a full lunch then, with heavy plates to digest, but a wealth of different subjects served in saucers.

      While the ‘free press’ is avidly picked up by the English-speaking expatriates in Spain, there is little useful news, and many stories are tied in some commercial way to local business (from where the free press draws its income). Business over Tapas has no advertisers and relies on a modest annual subscription.

      There is both a Facebook presence and a webpage for Business over Tapas. A free copy will be sent on inquiry.

      (Thanks to Mark)

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      Business over Tapas

      This week – around 5,000 words of useful news about Spain. Ask for a free no-obligation copy.

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      They are the best source for news in English in Spain. Right now, they are in the midst of their yearly assessment of the housing market and it is as insightful as usual.

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