Builder possibly being taken to court?

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      Our house was buillt in rustic land, without a building licence, but with full knowledge of the town hall. Several other houses were built on similar plots of land in the same area.

      The Junta have been asking questions to find out the name of our builder. They say that in order to legalise the houses there will probably be a court case and the builder and developer will be prosecuted.

      The town hall have for the past 3 years told us not to worry and that all the legalities would be sorted out in the new town plan, which is still 5 or 6 months away.

      I am wondering about this as our house is about the only one that hasn’t been legalised yet by using a certificate of antiquity. I thought that after 4 years there was nothing that could be done to prosecute anyone.

      The only other information I have is that it is on a cattle track and the builder was told to stop building and he didn’t. We were blissfully unaware of this at the time, still being in the UK and “dreaming of our new life in the sun”!!!

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