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      Today after the detention of a swiss men accused of children abuse I have read some interesting articles about british sex criminals who had moved from the UK to Spain in order to continue with their ugly actions here in Spain where surely is more easy to escape from law.

      Fears about british rapers in Spain:

      Swiss men caught by police in Aguilas (Murcia):

      Case Tony King:

      And also this week we have the case of the Irish girl in Mijas. I wish she is found alive some day!

      What is your opinion like british residents and investors about these cases? I am sure is a very interesting subject for comments.

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      Sounds a little like selling newspapers to me. Of course there will be some who flee the UK but there are not hundreds of these people hanging around. There are also lots of spanish child abusers every week in the newspapers.

      As for the Irish girl, hope it ends well, she has left home 5 times before!

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      Yes there are these types everywhere – where I was before in Fuengirola there were places you did not stroll down in the early hours! Unfortunately these things have always happened and will always happen in every corner and part of the world, by all nationaliteis to others and their own nationality.

      I do prefer the Spanish justice though and sometimes they meter out their own – no courts involved!

      Best thing to do is be streetwise wherever you are and not take chances!

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      i agree, Inez, if we all listen to the likes of Wensley Clarkson, we’d all be too afraid to go out.

      Costa Del Street Crime is another load of pants, ” we were given unlimited access for 10 weeks” and thats the worst they could come up with!
      ok there were a few stabbings but, 10 weeks where there were 100k drunken, marauding Brits, do me a favour.

      i only watched it to see places i knew 8)

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      The biggest crime here was Eldorado – closely followed by the big agents…………………………… 😆

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