British expats in Goa face prospect of losing dream retireme

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      ” Sir James Bevan, Britain’s High Commissioner to India, met Goa’s chief minister recently to raise the concerns of British home-owners.”

      I don’t recall ever reading or hearing the kind of concern or a meeting ever took place in Spain. Despite of the number of people involved over a period of years.

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      I think countries are cottoning on to the fact that it’s easy to tax fixed assets, so in Cyprus they go for bank deposits, after which the obvious next target as in Goa will be property. Brits went to Goa because it was cheap to live, they went to Cyprus because of higher riskier interest rates on deposits and lower taxes, then when things got tough the Governments go after easy sitting targets.

      So if this becomes contagious in the Eurozone and far flung paradises they will go after your money first, your properties next, then what? In Greece they added a new tax to electricity bills so people couldn’t avoid it. 🙄

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