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    Hi All,

    what happens on CDS on bonfire night??

    are there organised displays?

    are fireworks available in the shops ( i suppose bringing them over on the plane might be frowned upon) lol

    What do the Spaniards make of the whole affair??

    Chilly 8)

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    Why would Spain celebrate an English festival?

    Guy Fawkes has nothing to do with Spain.

    More to the point, it is impossible for an individual to get a licence to allow them to set off fireworks, unless they are in the mayor’s pocket!

    Some neighbours planned a bonfire and fireworks last year to show German friends what was done in England on 5th November. However, permission was not forthcoming from the town hall to allow the fireworks or in fact a bonfire!! The evening centred around a barbecue and the fireworks consisted of sparklers!!

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    Chilly many magnificent firework displays in Spain. Believe every Fiesta finshes with one. And there are Fiesta’s galore.

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    thanks melosine, something to look forward to

    Arabrab, why would Spaniards celebrate 5th nov? wasn’t suggesting they would, but there are one or two brits in Spain!!

    why would brits celebrate Eid? they don’t but the UK muslims do

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    Hi all,

    Actually Guy Fawkes had something with Spain! He enlisted in the Spanish army under the Archduke Albert of Austria. Fawkes held a post of command when the Spaniards took Calais in 1596 under the orders of King Philip II of Spain….

    In 16 February 1603 he went to Spain “enlighten King Philip II concerning the true position of the Romanists in England”. During this visit he renewed his acquaintance with Christopher Wright, and the two men set about obtaining Spanish support for an invasion of England upon the death of Elizabeth I.

    Sorry, just looked this up as my husband keeps telling me Guy Fawkes was Spanish, and I had to check as it seemed a bit unlikely!


    So its probably a bit politically incorrect of us to burn his effigy here in Spain!


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    Whilst not in celebration of any attempt to blow up the Houses Of Parliament, the festival of San Juan is the closest to a Bonfire night for Brits in Spain.
    Bonfires everywhere!!
    I had one on the ground opposite my house…great opportunity to get rid of all the bits of left-over wood from DIY ventures!
    However, you are going to have to wait until June 2007 for the next one!

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    Its a long way to take your Junk if you are not in Valancia !!!!

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