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    I am starting the process of trying to convert a barn within two and a half hectares in a zona rustica in Asturias into a house. The town hall has said that in principle it is possible, if one of the owners is paying social security as a farmer. I suppose it is similar to having an agricultural tie in England.

    I understand that this is a reasonable request, otherwise everybody would be buying the farmland and building houses. What I am unsure of is how likely it is that I will be given permission for such a project.

    Has anybody else been through this process and been granted permission, or is it a non-starter? Also, has anybody converted rustic barns into houses without needing to be working in agriculture?

    Unfortunately all the locals advise to get on with converting it without a permiso so we´re not getting much background information from them.

    Hoping somebody will have a success story…

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    Melisa ,Hi having spent the last two years obtaining Planning permission for an old stone Masia ,I have some knowledge of how the planning system works for rural development .

    This is really quite a long and involved process but one thing you must not do is start any works untill you have obtained the appropriate permission.It is quite ok for the locals to suggest that you should go ahead and build ,but it would be another situation if you were to do so ,I can assure you that would very soon be impacted by all manor of officials many of whom possess some alarmingly effective punishments for those who transgress ,for example the forestals dept can stop any development from going ahead if any native pines are affected by building works,and the subsequent fines punishments and orders are swingeing to say the least .

    Each province interprets the rural planning laws slightly differently ,but a number of basic principles remain enshrined in law ,as this might be a long subject if you want to PM me I will pass on as much info as I can

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    Hi Melissa,

    The person to ask would be Cesar, he used to post frequently on here and is a lawyer specialising in construction (if I remember rightly). Anyway, he is Asturian, based here still. Maybe a search would reveal his details?

    Or try a technical architect/ architect but at the end of the day its up to the ayuntamiento and in my experience of Siero, they do love taking money for nothing!!

    Which area is your barn in?


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