Barn Conversions in Rustic Zones in Asturias

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      I am starting the process of trying to convert a barn within two and a half hectares in a zona rustica in Asturias into a house. The town hall has said that in principle it is possible, if one of the owners is paying social security as a farmer. I suppose it is similar to having an agricultural tie in England.

      I understand that this is a reasonable request, otherwise everybody would be buying the farmland and building houses. What I am unsure of is how likely it is that I will be given permission for such a project.

      Has anybody else been through this process and been granted permission, or is it a non-starter? Also, has anybody converted rustic barns into houses without needing to be working in agriculture?

      Unfortunately all the locals advise to get on with converting it without a permiso so we´re not getting much background information from them.

      Hoping somebody will have a success story…

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