Bankia gets energy certificates in record time

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    Bankia Habitat, the real estate arm of the BFA-Bankia Group, has had all of its 20,000 properties, including those under control of the bad bank Sareb, certified to comply with the regulations that came into force on June 1st.

    This was completed in record time and involved 1,000 professionals and the daily completion of 1,500 certificates. The troubled bank has thus ensured that there is no delay in getting its properties onto the market.

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    They were probably dished out by someone sitting in an office & never ever been to the premises. In so far Bankia keen on selling. Enough said about it.

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    Not all homes advertised on the web page has the classification.
    Too many apartments have the worst possible rating (F) which may indicate that the technician who certify those flats has not spent a great deal of time to study its energy situation ……. it´s normal if we think that probably, they paid for each certificate less than what is charged per hour for example, a person who is dedicated to clean houses……

    It´s a pity. A bad rating unnecessarily devaluing the value of flats…

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