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      Wonder if anyone can help with this one.

      Without going into all the detail in January i gave the bank manager a full business plan and copies of letters and contracts my company had in support of an overdraft facility we needed.

      The bank manager has been demoated to a smaller branch and now this paperwork is now ‘missing’ the overdraft did’nt come off as i am now told he never put the application forward in the first place despite being told by him to come into the branch to go to the notary and get the paperwork signed. I went to find he had gone from the branch and that’s where all the various problems started to come to light.

      Anyway the bank are playing hard ball saying it’s not there problem the paperwork is gone or that the previous manager lied to me that’s life.

      Is there a Spanish law i can quote similar to the data protection act regarding the missing information? This information was very sensitive and if it was passed onto competitors would be very useful to say the least.

      I have requested the chairmans name and details and was told he was far to busy to deal with someone like me and anyway they could’nt remember his name!

      The regional director has decided after 3 months that he will see me to discuss things but i have to wait till September as he is so busy! He has cancelled 3 meetings so far each time me being in the branch waiting at the appointed time and having to get the new manager to ring and see what’s happening.

      If anyone can give me some pointers etc i would be grateful.

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      You could threaten to denounce them as it is such sensitive information. Ask to see their complaints book in the branch of the local manager you first saw and the higher up guy if it was a different place – that should at least get some attention from them!

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