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      I am thinking about applying for a mortgage and opening an account with the above Bank.

      Has anyone had any experience of using this Bank , good or bad ?

      How do this Banks charges compare to others [ie yearly maintenance of accounts etc.] ?

      Any comments appreciated.



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      You do not say if you are applying for the mortgage because your developer has a mortgage with them? If this is the case than you dont have much of a choice as any changeover will incur additional cost of say around Euro 35550 -5000.

      In respect of current account they are all the same, Go through with a very fine comb inrespect of charges. specailly cheques/non cash transfer into the accout as a % is applied this could become a sizable amount.

      With some banks you if you get their credit card and other services you could shave of 0.25% of the intrest rate on your mortgage.

      There is a lot of competation and lets face it you will be borrowing 60 to 70% where is the Banks risk.

      Negotiate hard.

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