Are prices beginning to tumble?

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      Since Paul’s two links showing prices of Los Lagos and Green Hills on another thread, I have been astounded how prices at both seem to be tumbling.
      Am posting this purely as an observation on perhaps what is happening in the market generally?

      The particular web page for that Paul gave the link for is obviously relatively old (their website currently no longer carries Green Hills ❓ ), showing original prices as they still talk about 11 blocks and ten swimming pools (the original number if the upper blocks had been built….which they weren’t).

      I compared those prices to another website ( that is still showing both developments on their website so it’s interesting to compare the ‘then’ with ‘now’ re. 2-bed apts.

      GREEN HILLS: – starting from €308,700
      cloudninemarbella – starting from €268,000

      LOS LAGOS: – starting from €401,700
      cloudninemarbella – starting from €333,000 (edited)

      Seems Los Lagos has taken the biggest drop – maybe they realised that you can’t charge top dollar if you install plastic wardrobe doors (something we were aghast to see when viewing an apt. there).
      But both development’s prices have definitely tumbled and wonder if this is being repeated on other developments.

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