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    Hi. I would just like to suggest to anyone thinking of buying/investing in property in Spain via Aramis Investments Ltd (MD is a Miss Tracy Fearn) to take extra precautions. They offer a ‘low deposit scheme’ that, on the face of it, seems really cool.

    Basically the idea is you put down a ‘low deposit’ on a new build with the expectation that they will help you sell it on (at a profit of course) over the two year build cycle. Part of the original sales blurb says they will do this through their own retail agency in the area they sell. Guess what? It does not exist! If you don’t get moved from the original development to another (and yet another in at least one case) my personal experience is that once they have the deposit and the sale has effectively been made you get virtually NO after sales support whatsoever…and I mean NONE…ZILCH…ZIPPO!!

    Has anyone actually sold on a property before completion using this scheme? I would love to know! Please just let me know if you actually benefited from this scheme?

    The promises made of regular updates, assistance with resale (through their own agency), mortgages, rental or whatever simply do not materialise. I personally have lost a five figure sum through my non completion of apartments that they knew full well I had no intention of completing on and I know of many others who have experienced the same…in fact I have a list of them.

    Just be careful guys and do your homework and do not just get taken in by the hype and pre sales chat, pictures, “oh yes they are selling fast, the area is developing rapidly, Disney will build there” blah, blah routine. I am sure this trait is not peculiar to Aramis Investments alone but just be very careful indeed with these schemes as I have found out to my cost

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