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    Hi Everybody

    I would just like to wish everyone a very happy Easter to you and your loved ones. Remember Easter symbolises resurrection and a new beginning so lets hope that this weekend is the first day of the rest of our lives in Peace

    Whatever your position, you wont be able to do a damn thing in Spain about it until Tuesday, so why not take that time to leave your troubles behind and concentrate on having some much needed relaxation and enjoyment (even Estate Agents)

    Good luck, be happy and if youre in Spain this weekend, enjoy the Sunshine because it is Lovely outside



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    Well Vince your sentiments are warm and meant in the best possible way, I am absolutely sure, but I have little faith in the symbolisms of Easter. They are just words. Particularly in Spain, which calls this a ‘Holy Week’.

    This morning I heard from a lady in Costa Blanca. She is disabled & also has brittle diabetes. She’s living in a house with no mains water or electricity, legitimately purchased through one of the big agents & a lawyer who assured her it was fully legal. While administering her dose of insulin – by candlelight – she made a dangerous mistake with the dose & went into a nocturnal hypo. Thankfully, her husband was able to stop this incident becoming fatal.

    My fear is that someone is going to die soon through living in one of these death-traps which are supposed to be ‘homes’. A lot can be done before Tuesday, rather than nothing. Hopefully some will take a half hour or so to write to MEPs, MPs, the FCO, the PM, etc etc. Nevermind about the cloak of impotence some like to hind behind – keep up the pressure or things will never change for the better.

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    yes, well meaning words from Vince, but the sad plight of that lady is the reality. Can she ”leave her troubles behind her for Easter” Good on you once again, for sticking with it. We go to court in about 10 days, so we will see what nearly 7 years of being conned results in?

    Have as good as possible an Easter Suzanne, and everyone on the ‘good’ side!

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    Hello Goodstich,
    I forgot to mention the lady is 73. And I’m sure she’s not the only one with such problems.

    I’ve been thinking of you & whether you’d been to Malaga. Will look forward to hearing how it all goes. All the very best.

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    GOOD LUCK Goodstich! I really hope you get your justice.

    Happy Easter to you Vince. New beginnings would be wonderlful,… in an ideal World.

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    ……thanks for your good wishes folks. It’s been such a long battle, I really hope it’s the start of the end of our nightmare. Will report back with details, good or bad?

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    Hi Suzanne

    I take your points on board and yes it is difficult to be positive when so many bad things are happening. However my point was merely that (especially with regards to the judicial system) there s nothing that can be done until Tuesday so perhaps rather than continue with the worries during the Easter break use the time to actually forgot your troubles.

    Whilst your story of the old lady is terrible – I know people in dire straits very close to me – my sister has a small baby of 15 months, needs to sell her house but cannot, has no job and little money and is likely to be repossessed and kicked out on the streets (obviously with my mother and myself living close by that would never happen)

    However she also cannot do anything till Tuesday – but she is looking on the bright side – that she may as well enjoy the sunshine whilst she can (unfortunately I am no better off than her otherwise I would give her the money myself)

    It still maintain – and your story just highlights this – that there are people worse off than we are. So for one weekend whilst we cannot do anything to change the situation it maybe best to pt all worries aside and enjoy the time – battle commences again on Tuesday

    And who knows – that putting thoughts aside for one weekend may be the clarity of vision that provides a solution – sometimes when you dont look at a problem the solution presents itself willingly.

    I wish everyone a Happy Easter and hope that on Tuesday you all have the strength to fight your personal battles and triumph whether they be small ones or major ones.

    May peace be with you (And I am not a religious person but very much believe in the power of positive thinking)

    I think it was Henry Ford who said “Whether you believe you can do something or you believe you can’t, you’re right.


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    Is it a holiday on Monday? My neighbour is hoping to get some gas delivered then.

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    Depends – I have heard in some places they wont celebrate a holiday on the 13th, however up here they are taking the day (actually some have taken a long bridge and taken the whole of this week off as well)

    Best wishes


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    Monday is a normal day for the spanish. Many people down here from Northern Spain, by Sunday morning most will have left.

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    …and also be aware that this weekend is a prime time for house burglaries…lots of unsavoury characters casing joints out in the campo…my campo house was burgled on Easter Sunday last year and this morning there was a carload of wannabe thieves driving around the olive groves…please be aware!
    Easter…bah humbug…you’d think “Christians” would have better things to do…for us atheists it’s just the beginning of Spring…delayed a bit đŸ˜‰

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    Monday seems to be a bit hit and miss, supposed to be open and back to normal but reality is many will still be off (hangover day!)

    If the real estate industry is supposedly so bad, then how come the offer I have had accepted by an owner (last week) wont be processed anywhere cos everyone has taken the whole of this week off???????????

    So, Im gonna enjoy my easter eggs and chill out until wednesday!

    Have a great Easter/spring break everyone!! đŸ˜€

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