Almanzora valley: The avalanche of homes in the dock

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    Abusos Urbanisticos Almanzora No
    Campaigning to safeguard our homes

    AUAN Press release – 25th June 2010

    Almanzora valley: The avalanche of homes in the dock

    Yet another developer, charged with building illegal homes, appeared before Penal court number 5 on Wednesday 23rd June 2010. This time the matter involves 6 houses in the Saliente area of Albox allegedly built on non urbanizable land without the necessary license and technical project.

    The State prosecutor is asking for a penalty of one year in prison, a fine of 16 months at 12 euros per day and disbarment from the exercise of a profession relating to construction for a period of 2 years.

    The prosecutor also asks for the houses to be demolished with compensation paid to the owners.

    Regrettably, the iceberg now appears to be showing more than its tip.

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    According to a report in today’s El Almería, over a thousand properties on the Almanzora Country Club in the municipality of Cuevas could be declared illegal and, in theory, torn down. The newspaper says that over 100 million euros have been spent by buyers – mainly Brits (as usual) – as the Prosecutor has laid charges (delito contra la Ordenación del Territorio contemplado en el artículo 319.2 del Código Penal) on Alfonso García Gabarrón, administrator for Easur, S.L.; Antonio Subiela Hernández, ex administrator for Huma Mediterráneo, S.L.; Carlos Parras Martínez, representative for Ferrovial Agromán; Juan José Parrilla Cánovas, ex President de la Confederación Hidrográfica del Segura and ex Councillor of the Autonomous Community of Murcia; as well as the architects Diego García Sánchez, Enrique Domingo Pérez, José Francisco Bernal Alarcón and Trinitario Garcerán.
    Homes built in ‘Llanos de Jordana’ in 2005, if the prosecutor has his way, to be demolished at the cost of the accused plus the companies involved.

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