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      hi guys,

      im in the very early stages (or talks) of purchasing a 2 bed apartment in duquesa (full details on apartment below) with an agreed sale price of €115,000.

      im hoping to get some advise on whether i should be a) jumping on this opportunity or b) possibly holding out for further developments in the spanish property market- as im getting some mixed advise so far?
      Ive seen alot of similar apartments in duquesa going for a lot more i.e. between €130,000 min and €160,000+.
      Am i getting a great deal here.. or are the other prices im seeing slightly over inflated?

      also are there any obvious legal considerations i should be aware of, clauses, taxes on new purchase etc, unfortunately i wouldnt be experienced in the area of spanish property

      complex: los hidilagos golf
      location : puerto duqueza
      3rd floor with reasonable see view
      couple of mins walk from beach and new marina

      800sq foot
      2 bedroom
      2 bathroom
      fully furnished
      air conditioned system

      Some pics of similar apartment in complex:

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      I personally think the price seems to be competitive

      However, before you pay any deposit or any funds, please ensure you receive proper legal advice and protect your investment properly. We are seeing how people is cheated every day because of not using a lawyer who can look after their interests.

      Best regards

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