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    According to Revista El Obervador AIFOS is worried about it’s poor image, albeit not of it’s foul practices, and has allegedly created a new brand name sporting a new corporate image so as to distance itself from the ill-reputation of AIFOS: Activa Homes.

    Same dog, different collar ?,_ActivaHomes_.htm

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    I do not understand how they are allowed to get away with it!! or to be fair I suppose when you are passing around so many brown envelopes you can get away with a lot of things.
    I was told last year that they had already in the past changed their name but I can not think what they were called before .
    the thing is that they are doing it time and time again… and they are getting away with it, it should not be allowed, is there nothing anyone can do to stop this happening??? đź‘ż

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    SOFIA =(AIFOS) !!

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    Hi, can anyone give me an indication of what implications a name change for a Company has on an existing contract?

    I have a unit in the so called Las Caballerizas development.


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