A rosey future for Spain…..?

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      In a market report on Marbella property (2006-2007) by Christopher Clover, Managing Director of Panorama and posted today on ‘Typically Spanish’ website, he says:

      Operación Malaya in Marbella has been a welcome “house cleaning” event….signaling what is unquestionably the beginning of the end to such abuses,…..

      …..the shadow cast over the integrity of the politicians has now been dispersed with the dissolution of the Town Hall and the installation of the “caretaker” government.

      There is a clear and well-defined path ahead for rectifying the abuses of the past, including the urban planning scenario, through the present government and the future elected leaders….

      The old model of property developing – “build them cheap, sell them and run to the next project” – is virtually dead. The model of the caring developer, giving great value, installations and services, is the model of the future.
      Aifos simply changing its name to Activa Homes is proof that the ‘old model of property developing’ is not going to die that easily. And we all know now how corrupt Mayors are not prepared to just disappear into the woodwork. A rather over-optimistic report I feel with some of his statements.

      Only time will tell how the future will pan out for Spain re. corrupt developers and elected officials. But based on what’s happened in the last couple of weeks re. Aifos and certain local re-elected Mayors, I for one am not holding my breath just yet.
      Unless this ‘cancer of corruption’ is brutally cut out of the Spanish property market scenario, I can’t see much changing. And of course, regulating REA’s is long-overdue, as is a proper Colegio de Abogados who is prepared to act when necessary as against simply shuffling their feet, keeping their hands in the pockets and just shrugging.

      At the moment, banging our heads on a brick wall comes to mind……….

      The full report by Christopher Clover: http://www.typicallyspanish.com/news/publish/article_9717.shtml

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