A Property Scam to beware of

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      Hi Everyone

      Just had a very interesting few days. Someone called me from Switzerland offering to buy my house – without seeing it, wanted me to go to Milan, or Barcelona to sign contracts.

      But he said he wanted to pay some of the amount in Black money. He came up with an elaborate story about how he cant buy it in his name so he is sending his trusted colleague to the meeting. He will bring 60,000 euros for the deposit which he wants in Black, plus he will bring another 66,000 and would like 60,000 in small notes of no higher than €50

      Sounds perfect eh, not only do I get my house sold, but i get an extra €6,000 into the bargain.
      However if you get offered this let me tell you a little story. I had a client in this position and he decided he would go ahead with it (and in his case we are talking a lot of money – 800,000 in Black money). He went to Barcelona with 400,000 in used notes (he owns a clb so had a lot of disposable cash). When he got their he handed over the money, they gave him 840,000 in €500 notes, they signed the Arras contract and that was that.

      Except when he got back home he found they were all forgeries (bar a few of them). So he had 840,000 worth of forged €500 notes that were not worth the paper it was printed on, plus an arras contract stating that he had to repay 800,000 if he refused to sell the house to the guy. He couldn’t exactly go to the police and say he’d been stung

      Some dilemma

      So the warning is – no matter how tempting it is NEVER EVER take your money to do their money laundering.

      In my case I told him point blank that
      1. my house is here, if he wants to buy it he buys it here,
      2. Any money he hands over to me is checked by my bank manager prior to my signing any contracts
      3. That I WILL not change any money for him. I am not a bank

      Needless to say he put the phone down.

      So just be careful


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      Nice to know where it leads to, as we’ve had several calls and emails relating to this. In our cases phoning from a French mobile and another from an Italian mobile.


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      I love these scams.

      Another variant is when they want to but a property of yours (and don’t seem very interested in the property details) and offer you a rendez vous in a luxury hotel in a plush conference room. They claim that due to their business they have a lot of cash and wish to change it to Euros (can’t they do that at a bank ?) and offer you this as a side business of the main deal.

      They arrive in a nice flashy car with a briefcase. They offer you swiss francs or dollars (forged) and you bring along euro notes in exchange.

      If you are selling anything it is not logical to bring huge amounts of money is it ? Many greedy people fall for this ploy as the guys are very professional and then fear to denounce at the police station.

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      Hi Drakan

      this is pretty much exactly what they wanted to do – exchange Swiss Francs for Euros. He even called me again today asking just how much I could change – as I said if I had 60,000 euros spare do you think I would be selling my house, and if i wanted to be a currency exchange bureau I would get a licence.

      The other thing I made very clear is if he wanted to buy my house – then he comes down here – I will not travel anywhere my house is here.

      Anyway I think I have heard the last of him. However a couple of days ago he made a boo boo. Normally je calls me on a hidden number but the other day he called me without hiding his number – though i have no doubt it is a throwaway mobile not registered to him.

      Take care all – its a tough world out there


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