A Buyers Paradise?

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      Hola Amigos,

      Imagine a country where:

      *The king commands the army, defends the faith, chooses and fires ministers as he wishes, has palaces throughout the kingdom and owns more than 30% of the stock exchange.

      *34 media sources were censured during the last legislature.

      *Had an abstencion level of 63% in the just completed elections.

      *Nearly half of the population of 33 million lives in poverty.

      *Corruption is rampant.

      *15% of the budget is assigned to the occupation of the Sahara Occidental.

      *Half the population is illiterate.

      *The influence of Al Qaeda is growing.

      This land of milk and honey is not far from here.

      Every country has the right to improve its lot and you have to hope that its long suffering citizens will one day taste some milk and honey.

      But,would you buy a property in a country with this profile?

      Makes me think that Spain, even with all its current scandals, is a much, much safer place to buy a home.

      Away from the “pie n’chip” and “you scratch my back” costas, Spain is a great place to live. There will always be people wanting to come and live here.

      Given the choice between the land of milk and honey just described and the land of flamenco, I know where I’d buy.

      There is so much more to Spain than “off plan”. In my milk and honey kingdom there is pretty much nothing but “off plan”. The political risk can only be described as high and there is virtually no national market. Without a local market what supports your investment?

      I could be wrong. I hope I am. But my money is staying this side of the Straits.

      Un abrazo,


      (PS Facts courtesy of an editorial in El Mundo of 10 Sept.)

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