3 bedroom flat for sale next door to ours

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      We will be moving back to our flat within a couple of months and know that the neighbour is desperate to sell. We would love to have nice neighbours…. and he’d sell for 65,000 euros i’ve heard if you go directly to the bank manager (Diego at CajaMurcia in Cuevas del Almanzora).

      It’s an older style building but on the best street in the town. Only 23 flats in the building so not one of those enormous falling down new-build blocks on the outskirts of town. This one you can view all the ‘fiesta’ processions etc. as the historical church is at the top of the street. It’s second floor (2b) on Calle El Pilar, opposite the post office. It’ll just need a lick of paint and some less Spanish style furniture đŸ˜‰ and would be a lovely holiday/retirement home, especially during ‘Easter week, Motocross in August, November San Diego Fiesta etc. etc.’

      Community charge is only 21 euros a month.

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