163 real estate denounced

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    FACUA denounces 163 real estate…………….

    92% fail to fulfill their obligation to display the information that the consumer has a right to this document (as published on this forum by Independent}

    http://www.facua.org/facuaandalucia/facuaandal … ro2006.htm

    https://www.spanishpropertyinsight.com/forums/v … +andalucia

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    Its all very well to keep on bringing new laws. As we all know that there are existing laws which are ignored with disdain so these new laws will be treated in the same way.

    Until the Spanish lawyers becomes professionals and the courts pull them selves and deal with matters within 3 to 4 months all fforts are meaningless.

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    Scary stuff.
    We have just completed on a place in Vera, bought off plan..told by all concerned the builders were reputable etc.etc.

    On completion we find the communal areas to be in a sorry sad rushed state. Not the new urbanisation we thought we had paid for. Apartments finished in a hurry with loads of defects
    How does anyone trust these developers, when Spanish law is so weak in dealing with these jokers ??
    Thought we had taken all the precautions.

    Buyer beware,


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    It would help the forum user if they were listed so a quick reference will help from what to stay clear off.

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    ………probably safer, just to name the good guys and if the one’s you are thinking of using are not on the list, draw your own conclusions, much as mark is already doing.

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