1400% increase in Middle Eastern buyers…

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    Ok, we don’t know the (low?) base and it’s on a ramping site.

    But this sentence caught the eye:

    Mr Pritchard continues: “The sale of Spanish properties to Middle Eastern buyers who are able to obtain residency could bring in untold additional revenue to the country. Our neighbours in Portugal have seen a genuine lift in the property market thanks to the government initiative and we expect areas like Marbella, ideal for high end buyers, to profit from the added migration.”

    Does anyone have any stats for this supposed lift in the property market in Portugal?

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    Wow, impressive stats again by our friend Mr Pritchard đŸ™„
    As Marcos says, ‘ok we don’t know the low base’ but 1,400% of 100 = 1,400, of 10 = 140, of 1 = 14 so the base figure would be interesting đŸ™„ If they run out of their new builds there are 100’s of re-sales at Los Arqueros đŸ˜›

    Flak expected at 15 hundred hours or sooner UK time, Roger Wilco Over and Out đŸ˜†

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    Does anyone have any (official) stats for Spain. :mrgreen:

    Marbella has always been popular with Saudis/Kuwait etc. I have had middle eastern neighbours in 2 properties I lived in. Although they only came for July/August time. Plenty of Hijabs on the beach in August. There are quite a few mosques to serve them before they wander down to the casino and Miladys Palace đŸ˜†

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