EU Property Solutions Ltd

EU Property Solutions Ltd

Insolvency & Debt Consultants

EU Property Solutions assist borrowers across Europe with property debt issues. Our particular area of expertise is assisting clients finding themselves in Negative Equity Scenarios. We have assisted borrowers in the following countries offload Negative Equity Property:

  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Cyprus
  • Italy
  • France
  • Bulgaria
  • United States of America
  • Canada
  • Cape Verde

Despite working in a broad geographical area our country of expertise is Spain and a significant majority of our cases are located in Spain across the various Costas.

Pre-2008 many investors dreamed of owning a home in the Sun. Budget airlines increased access at a low price to the Spanish coastline and, with the property market in the country showing continual signs of growth, investors purchased holiday homes in their thousands. Real estate agents sold developments to suit all budgets, and access to finance was readily available given loose lending practices.

Following the well documented property market decline we have seen values plummet by nearly 60% in certain developments. This has left many investors in a Negative Equity situation. Given properties are essentially a negative asset, coupled with community fee payments and IBI tax payments, many borrowers are finding maintaining the property a real burden. This became such an issue for many who simply returned the keys to the Bank. We advise against this route as lenders in Spain can pursue debtors back home (within the EU) for any mortgage shortfall following the sale of the property. This can put your home assets and income in jeopardy!

EU Property Solutions Ltd solves property finance problems

Here at EU Property Solutions we have seen several cases where a Spanish lender has placed a charge on the borrower’s property in the UK. Our investigations has turned up 37 cases of this from just one lender. This can turn into a nightmare for the borrower, who has lost a substantial investment in a Spanish property only to see a UK property now at risk of repossession.

Should you have a mortgage shortfall outstanding with any lender in Spain please get in touch.

We can also help you if you are struggling with negative equity in Spain, and still own the property. We offer clients the opportunity to surrender the property to their respective lender and negotiate a reduced settlement on the mortgage and often achieve complete debt write downs. EU Property Solutions have developed an excellent legal team in San Pedro (Costa Del Sol) who deal with these cases on a daily basis, and our knowledge of specific lenders is second to none. We are proud to assist borrowers and consistently save our clients upwards of hundreds of thousands of Euro, depending on their circumstances.

EU Property Solutions have achieved debt write downs even for borrowers with significant UK assets and income. Our legal knowledge of the Spanish property market allows us to protect home state assets and income.

Should you be in Negative Equity in Spain and wish to offload your property please get in touch with us. We will need to review certain documents to assess your position but the whole process will be outlined during our initial discussions. We can offer telephone references from previous clients who have gone through the process and emotions associated with debt.

For more information please visit our website at, which outlines our services with supporting video testimonials with genuine clients we have assisted.

We look forward to helping you solve your property finance problems in Spain. Call us on +44 (0)330 124 1230, the sooner the better.

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