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DiG Lawyers


DiG Lawyers (Abogados – Advocats) is a mid-sized law firm with offices in Barcelona and Lleida, and an international network of collaboration agreements with law firms around the world who share DiGs philosophy and high level of professionalism.

As a mid-sized firm with a multi-lingual team and cross-border expertise, DiG is perfectly placed to assist foreign clients with all their legal needs in Spain. Foreign clients need a firm big enough to handle cross-border work with multidisciplinary expertise in various languages, but without losing the personal touch.

DiG can help you buy or sell a property in Spain with the minimum risk and fuss, and guide you safely through the whole process. DiG are particularly strong on cross-border tax issues, inheritance tax planning, wills, probate, and how to deal with all the legal and fiscal issues involved in Spanish Inheritance Tax situations.

For all your legal needs in Spain, and in particular, if you need inheritance tax planning, or if your have inherited assets in Spain and need to pay inheritance tax on them, get in touch and DiG lawyers will help you overcome the challenges you face.

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